Janet and Bill Haberman


Janet and Bill founded Forecast Consoles in 1982 and spent a lifetime growing and nurturing the company and the people that have called it home. They instilled the spirit of family in everything we do and that spirit endures no matter how large the company grows.

The Fritz

Quality Control / Destroyer

Fritz specializes in befriending all Post Office and UPS drivers, terrorizing solicitors, and attempting to destroy everything in the office. An expert in both stealth tactics and dumpster diving he is a force to be reckoned with especially at lunch time.

Ryan Haberman

Chief Executive Officer

Having spent most of his childhood working in Forecast's production facilities he is acutely aware of the commitment and passion it takes to design and manufacture the highest quality consoles. His love of design and engineering is evident in his constant desire to improve Forecast's product offerings and develop novel solutions to meet our partners most challenging needs. He strives to treat every project with respect, attention, and enthusiasm.
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Sean Brodarick

General Manager

A Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine, he developed a powerful foundation of leadership, integrity, and teamwork. This makes him the ideal force to ensure the company maintains focus and cohesiveness as it grows.
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Debbie LeDuc

Chief Financial Officer

Debbie has been an integral part of the company for over 20 years. A consummate professional, Debbie’s keen attention to detail and her unyielding passion for success ensures the smooth operation of the company.
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Ernesto D'Angelo

Chief Creative Officer

A 20+ year veteran of the industry he has played a key role in the modernization of today’s console furniture. Quality, durability and style are at the forefront of his designs. His approach to projects has always been anything can be done, it’s just a matter of doing it right.
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Edward Gross

Partner Consultant - Broadcast and AV

As a dedicated part of your team, Ed’s approach to managing projects ensures your project will be completed on time and on budget. From operations to management, Ed has worked for top broadcasters and cable networks making him keenly aware of control room operations. He will listen to your needs and ensure you receive the best solution for your project.
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Brian Knox

Partner Consultant - Government and PSAP

After a lengthy career in media sales with Clear Channel Communications Brian joined Forecast Consoles in 2014.   He now oversees Forecast Console’s Government business and business development efforts. His philosophy is “ People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.  Delivering the right solution to satisfy our partners needs is the real bottom line.
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Lori Lamont

Logistics and Install Coordinator

Lori’s background is in coordinating international shipments. Her wide range of talents, organizational skills, and follow-through ensure that Forecast-Consoles products are delivered and installed as efficiently as possible, on-time and as-scheduled.
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Pasquale Barbuto

Senior Designer

With several years of design experience and a degree in manufacturing engineering, Pasquale quickly took to designing consoles. Pat has a passion for the development and design of new products and new technologies. His motto is “Our consoles should look good and be functional, never one or the other.”
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Creating the perfect work environment has never been so easy.